Pet Friendly Parks To Visit This Summer

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Pet Friendly Parks To Visit This Summer
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We love having our pets with us. No matter where we go, they are a part of the family. Though some places aren’t very pet friendly. So every year you want to find a new place to make your memories with your family, including your pets. But some times it’s not very easy and you have to leave them behind. Though there are always options. Have you tried going to some of Ontario’s Parks?

While all of the parks in Ontario are pet friendly, some do offer more than others for travelers and their canine companions. There are 12 Ontario Parks that offer both pet friendly exercise areas and pet friendly beaches. While 17 have one or the other.

Listed below are a few of the pet friendly parks in Ontario. For a complete list of all parks with pet exercise areas and/or beaches PLUS a dog owner’s list of do’s and don’ts, visit Dogs and Pets in Ontario Parks post.
Bon Echo
Just 1.5 hours north Napanee, Ontario off of Mazinaw Lake is where you’ll find the 1.4km off leash exercise trail and pet friendly beach. The closest park campground is Fairway and both spots are located on lower Mazinaw Lake.

This beautiful lake includes Mazinaw Rock which is 100 metres high and features 260 Aboriginal pictographs.

There are also some fun things for you to do besides the pet friendly areas. There is great hiking trails that you and your family can enjoy. Their length varies in size from 1km to 17km. Boats tours on Mazinaw Lake and then take you over to Mazinaw Rock.

Of course there will be camping for everyone (RV, car camping, backcountry camping and roofed accommodations)

If you have any questions about Bon Echo Park. Just follow the link below.
More About Bon Echo
Rock Point Provincial Park
The closest provincial park to Niagara Falls, Rock Point is located on the north shore of Lake Erie. It is a smaller park than Bon Echo, but it still has character. Perfect park for car campers and RV trailers.

There are three beaches there, once of which is a pet friendly with an exercise area. That beach was once part of an ancient coral reef. So just watch your feet and your furry companions feet while there. This ancient coral reef dates back over 350 million years and is embedded in the limestone shelf along the beach. You can see some pretty interesting exposed fossils.

There’s a 1km of sand beach, 2km hiking trail, a viewing platform above the sand dunes and during the fall you can view the monarch butterfly migration.

There’s lots of things to do for you and furry friend. Take a look and see if you want to travel here next year.
More About Rock Point
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park
Probably one of the most popular beaches in Ontario is Wasaga Beach. Just off of Lake Huron, Wasaga is the longest freshwater beach in the world. Exactly 14km of beautiful fresh water. Just on beach #3 your furry friends can enjoy the beautiful water and sandy shore. The dog beach is very popular and you might want to get there nice and early because it fills up fast. There are picnic tables and shady areas nearby, as well as public washrooms.

Be sure to double check that it is open before heading there. Mostly because the Piping Plovers, a bird endangered enjoy nesting along the Wasaga Beach shores. There is a natural area of 6.8 hectares that protects wildlife habitat and other nesting shorebirds.

Wasaga Beach is the first provincial park in Canada to be awarded the “Blue Flag” designation for its banks management efforts under the international environmental standards. For more information, visit

The Wasaga Beach visitor center was officially opened in 2012 to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and highlight the natural and cultural riches of the Wasaga Beach area. The visitor center is the gateway to the Nancy Island Historic Site which features a theater, a museum and a replica of a Great Lakes lighthouse.

Wasaga Nordic Centre and Trail (summer) – Starting points for hiking trails over 50 km, including the Pine Trail (to do with a trail guide) and sections of the Ganaraska Trail. Wasaga Nordic Centre and Trail (in winter) – Opened in winter for cross-country skiing, ski skating and snowshoeing. Snacks, selected merchandise rental service and lessons are offered.

Take a look at the link below to find out more about Wasaga Beach.
More About Wasaga Beach
Mikisew Provincial Park
Just north of Huntsville, just off of Highway 11. There’s a little park call Mikisew. A quiet little space were you can take your family camping and greats spots to go swimming. There are three sandy beaches to choose from. Even a pet designated beach, which include an exercise area and obstacle course. This place is the best kept secret for pet travelers as it’s not as busy as the other pet friendly parks.

There are four interconnected hiking trails that range from 1km to 3km. Though they are connected so you can make your hiking experience more interesting and try and do all of the trails in one go.

Just off of Eagle Lake, you can enjoy boating and canoeing. You can also enjoy some fishing as there are several species of trout, walleye, bass, perch and pike.

Campsites are available from mid June to the end of September
More About Mikisew
Restoule Provincial Park
Just southwest of North Bay near the town of Restoule (sounds pretty relaxing) is the Provincial Park of Restoule. Out in the middle of no where. No city lights where you can see the stars for miles. No loud noises so you can hear the sounds of the world around you. A beautiful park containing a pet friendly beach and exercise area.

There are some great hiking trails. The 100 metre Stormy Lake Cliff and the fire tower is one of the favourite hiking destinations. You can also canoe along the base one day and another day you can hike on the top to enjoy the amazing view.

The park rents canoes for day or overnight excursions to paddle-in campsites, and it has a Natural Heritage Education program which young families enjoy. The closest campsites to the pet amenities are in the Bell Point Campground, numbers 151-160. Fall colours in the oak/maple/birch forest are amazing.

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